Netipot or Neilmed Rinse Bottle: Which is Better for Sinus Relief?

NetipotAllergy problems and chronic sinus issues can cause someone’s nose to feel entirely full or clogged. To restore proper breathing though the nose again, many people have taken to a form of nasal irrigation. By using a simple saline or salt-water solution, this approach can help to restore breathing and helps remedy sinus pressure, and also pressure in the ears. Nasal irrigation products can be found in several different forms, the most popular are the bulb style,squeeze style,or Netipot. Two of the most popular irrigation items out there are the Netipot and the Neilmed squeeze bottle.

While both products aim at sinus comfort through rinsing the nose, there are varying differences in the design, the technique which they are used and the pros and cons of each brand.

The Netipot is constructed usually of plastic and sometimes porcelain. It comes in the form of a little tea pot or genie pot with a small handle attached, a long spout to place in the nose and comes with its own saline mixture. To use the this item, simply pour warm water into the pot to its designated fill line(about 500ml). Open a pack of saline solution which comes with the pot, it is equivalent to one teaspoon of salt, and mix into pot. Now it’s ready to use. Next,breath normally through the mouth and bend over the sink. Place the spout or “nose cone” into the right nostril, slowly tip your head forward and then turn head to the left side. The chin and forehead need to be at the same level.

At this point gravity takes over, the warm water and saline mixture should be pouring out of the left nostril only. It’s important here to keep the head straight and only move the pot in order to continue pouring the fluid. Starting out,only pour a half of the pot (250ml) in each nostril. After completing these steps turn your head back to a straight position and allow the remaining water to drain from your nose and gently blow the fluid from the nostrils. Dry nose thoroughly when finished.

Neilmed sinus rinse is constructed of a plastic squeeze bottle that holds up to eight ounces of water. Much like an eye-drop bottle, this product has a screw on cap at the top. The premix packets that come with it are saline, basically saltwater. Once again, the application is quite simple and very similar to the Netipot. To begin, start by filling the bottle with warm water up to the eight ounce line and mix in saline solution. Shake the bottle until solution completely dissolves. Place head over the sink or use it in the shower. Position the bottle opening in one nostril and gently squeeze with head slightly tilted down until the fluid emerges from the other nostril. Do this with half of the bottle and repeat with other nostril.

Softly blow excess water from both nostrils and dry completely.
Both of these products are used to combat nasal discomfort associated with nasal pressure, allergies, flu and cold symptoms,aids with dry nasal passages. They both help greatly with environmental nasal irritations such as animals,grass,smoke,fumes and dust. They seem to be very effective and have helped many people for years. Reporting no side effects from either and zero medication is used.However,some of the risks involved can include stinging and nose bleeds, generally due to the mixture and water not prepared at the right ratio. Over-use during the long term may eliminate special bacterias that we actually need in our sinus cavity. Nasal mucus have important elements that are required to fight against respiratory infections. There’s also a slight chance of experiencing a nasal or ear infection from the device not being cleaned before and after the procedure. Properly cleaning these products are very important to prevent further illness.

The Netipot and Neilmed spray although used slightly different, accomplish the same plan: Irrigating clogged sinuses with saline solution to restore a better balance to respiratory problems associated with the nasal cavity and help alleviate the discomfort with these over-all symptoms.One is poured into the nose, one is sprayed into the nose achieving the same results.Many people believe in these products and have excellent reviews for both. The use of either brands can be a rather messy experience, it’s important to have a large enough sink or area for irrigating.

Also because of the different designs,it’s entirely up to the person to choose what fits their lifestyle the best. The pot can be great at home, but otherwise cumbersome for travel purposes. The style of the Neilmed spray bottle may be a better travel companion for someone in this particular situation. Hopefully this information will make it easier to decide whether the Netti or the Neilmed style ,and uses, make them a more productive tool when dealing with overall nasal health.

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  1. yellowbird says:

    I absolutely love the Netipot. Instead of using nasal sprays I prefer to rinse out my sinuses via this method and if I’m not feeling 100% better right after, I definitely believe that I’m feeling better within the next few days. Knocking the excess mucus out of my system really tends to speed up the healing. Great article, thanks for writing!

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