Afrin Nasal Spray Side Effects and Risks

nasal-spray-side-effectsWhether it’s bad sinuses, overproduction of mucus, allergies, colds or another medical issue, millions of people suffer from nasal congestion on a day to day basis. There are numerous products on the market that treat nasal congestion, but what works for you depends on what type of medical condition you have and your own specific body type. One of the many popular decongestants out on the market is called Afrin. Some people have found relief from this product, but others have found many negative side effects that outweigh any benefits.

Afrin is an over-the-counter decongestant nasal spray. It works by constricting the blood vessels found in your nasal tissue. By constricting the blood vessels, the sinuses are prompted to begin draining congestion from the nasal passages. With regular drainage, the nasal passages will begin to clear and the user will be able to breathe through their nose with ease.

You should consult a doctor before taking any medication, even if the medication is over-the-counter. However, it is especially important to contact your doctor before using Afrin if you are pregnant, have heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease or glaucoma. You should also consult your doctor about any medication that you are currently taking to avoid dangerous interactions between medications. Even if it’s safe to take the medication, your underlying medical conditions or regular medications may require you to take a different dose.

What are the Side Effects of Taking Afrin?

There have been various claims of Afrin side effects. Who suffers from them depends on many factors such as dosage, constant use, medical conditions, body type and more. That is one of the many reasons why you should consult a doctor before trying any new medication. These side effects range in severity and length, but they should all be noted for consumers.

Short Term Side Effects

The short term side effects for Afrin can include a runny nose, nasal irritation, sneezing, burning sensation in the nasal passages, dryness and itching. These effects should gradually disappear after discontinuing the use of Afrin. Some natural remedies do help. If you continue to suffer from these side effects, seek medical attention.

Long Term Side Effects

Some of the nasal spray side effects can cause lasting damage to your body. Serious side effects such as seizures, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, tremors, headache and nausea can all be signs of a severe problem occurring in your body. If you suffer from any of these symptoms while taking Afrin, seek immediate medical attention.

Sufferers of these nasal spray side effects can end up with lasting medical problems such as heart damage, heart attacks, damage to the nervous system and brain damage.

In addition, there’s the possibility that you could suffer from an allergic reaction to the medication. Most people who had an allergic reaction to the medication suffered from hives, difficulty breathing, rash and swelling in the tongue, throat, lips and face. Though many instances of severe allergic reactions can be treated in time, they can leave lasting damage to the body. If the reaction is not treated in time, the patient may end up suffering from even worse damage or death.

Effects of Overuse

nasal-spray-side-effects2Afrin should only be used at its proper dosage for three days. If you still feel no relief, you should try another product or contact your doctor for a prescription medication. However, many people find no harm in using over-the-counter medications for longer than their intended use, especially if they haven’t started feeling any relief yet. Whether you don’t want to risk getting congestion again or want to keep trying it to see if you eventually get relief, some people simply don’t follow the recommended guidelines for usage. However, overuse of Afrin can cause several negative effects.

Overuse of Afrin can damage your nasal passages causing a condition called rhinitis medicamentosa. This condition can cause nose bleeds, dryness, stuffed up nose and headaches. Severe rhinitis medicamentosa can also cause loss in your sense of taste and smell.

Using Afrin beyond its directed dosage and usage limit may also cause rebound congestion. Rebound congestion is where the blood vessels dilate in response to being constantly constricted. Since the blood vessels are now increasing in size, the congestion returns either during use or immediately after usage. In addition, since the blood vessels are now purposely trying to enlarge, rebound congestion is often stated as feeling worse than the initial congestion. When this occurs, many people decide to reuse the product in hopes of lessening the effects of the rebound congestion. Overuse may follow soon after, and it may also be quickly followed by Afrin addiction.

Nasal Spray Addiction

It may seem silly to think that someone could be addicted to a nasal spray, but it happens more often than you might think. Frequent sufferers of nasal congestion are prime targets for addiction. If the spray works, they obviously don’t want to stop the usage for fear that their symptoms will return. However, even people who use Afrin for mild allergies or colds can be susceptible to addiction. Rebound congestion can make anyone become addicted to the spray. Sadly, addiction simply makes the rebound congestion even worse. You may feel temporary relief, but the rebound congestion will keep returning. If anything, it will only get worse due to repeated damage to your nasal passages from continued use of the spray.

Getting over Afrin addiction is not easy, especially after the first few days of being off of the medication. It can be so difficult that some people need to gradually be weened off of Afrin instead of simply stopping the usage. However, becoming free from the addiction as soon as possible can save you from getting sinus surgery, steroid injections or taking prednisone to treat the damage caused by the addiction.

Is it Possible to Overdose on Afrin?

It is very possible to overdose on Afrin. Many Afrin addicts and first-time users of the medication fall victim to Afrin overdoses. Since Afrin is available over-the=-counter, you are the only one responsible for paying attention to the dosage instructions available on the bottle. Only take your recommended dosage for the suggested amount of time.

Symptoms of an Afrin overdose include constricted pupils, nausea, vomiting, increase or decrease in blood pressure, shallow breathing, sweating, headaches, coma, insomnia and irregular heartbeat. If an overdose occurs, stop usage of the medication and contact emergency services immediately.

Is it Safe to Take Afrin?

Most medications come with some amount of side effects and risks. In addition, some of the risks come from improper use of the medication. Any medication can be dangerous if you take more than you’re supposed to take or take it for longer than intended. Whether Afrin side effects are enough to keep you away from this medication is entirely up to you. Do proper research, ask your doctor and take all of the risks into consideration before deciding to take Afrin. If you believe the benefits outweigh the risks, try it out. If not, it’s best to avoid it rather than take an unnecessary risk.

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59 comments on “Afrin Nasal Spray Side Effects and Risks
  1. Blane Brown says:

    Hello Ken, after reading your article I am almost certain I suffer from severe rhinitus medicamentosa. I have used over the counter spray for years and I now suffer from a loss of taste and smell. This has been going on for months.I am wrried that maybe I have lost this ability to taste and smell for good. There have been brief times when for a few minutes I am able to taste again but it quickly goes away. I am desperate. What should I do?

    • Ken Savage says:

      Blane, the obvious advice is see an ENT(Ears, Nose and Throat Dr). Yes it can get worse and damage can occur. Experimenting with saline rinses and over the counter sprays may not be a good idea now. Have you already tried any of those?
      Please let us know how it works out for you.

      • AliShibaz says:

        About two years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and I was having problems breathing through my nose. It was all stuffed up and my mouth was dry from breathing through my mouth. I started to get these feelings of extreme panic because I couldn’t breathe and nothing I did seemed to help.

        The following day, I went to a drug store and bought a few different brands of nasal decongestant and discovered one that worked like magic. It was a miracle! The congestion dissappeared within a few minutes and my breathing was back to perfect. I was just ecstatic.

        About two weeks later, I went to my local druggist and bought a couple more of the brand that worked so well and he looked at them and then got this horrified look on his face and told me, “I have to carry this stuff. But you should stay away from it. It is horrible stuff because it will clear up your congestion but then you will need to use it again and again and the more you use it, the more you will need to use. Go see your doctor and get a medically prescribed kind of nasal spray that is not addictive.”

        Well, I did go to see my doctor and he did prescribe another kind of spray. But it didn’t work nearly as well or as quickly.

        Anyway, to make a long story short, after I began using it, my congestion returned about 24 hours later and I used it again. This went on for about 6 months. Then, instead of once every 24 hours, I needed to use it once every 12 hours. Six months later, I was using it once every 6 hours.

        I did some research on the net and found that some people continued using this stuff and eventually, they were using a $10 bottle every single day.

        Here is a link to a site where a doctor tells this story and also suggests a treatment. The headline on this site is, “Nasal Spray Addiction — Know The Facts and Avoid the Danger”.

        The two brand names that caused my addiction were Drixoral and Claritin. Two years ago, you could buy a 25ml bottle or a 15ml bottle. But now the companies have stopped making the large size. I’m guessing maybe either the government forced them to stop or maybe they did it out of greed because they charge almost double per unit of spray for the smaller bottles. Two other brands that use the same or similar chemical are: Otrivin and Dristan.

        In case you ever get addicted to this stuff, you should obviously see your family doctor ASAP. But here is what Dr. James Thompson on the above site says is his recommended treatment to break the addiction from the TNDs (Topical Nasal Decongestants).

        Dr. James Thompson recommends: My preference is to prescribe a short course of oral steroid which is tapered (reduced gradually) every two days for a total of ten days. A nasal steroid spray is prescribed for long-term use. The nasal steroid sprays are not addictive and may help to maintain good airflow through the nasal passages as the oral steroid is eliminated. The patient is instructed to stop the TND within two days, allowing time for the oral steroid to take effect. If there is no history of blood pressure elevation, heart, thyroid or eye problems, an oral decongestant (e.g. Sudafed) may also be recommended. I also recommend nasal saline rinses.

        The name of the chemical used in Drixoral, Claritin and Dristan is: OxyMetazoline Hydrochloride. The one used in Otrivin is: Xylometazoline Hydrochloride.

        I was planning on seeing my doctor at my regularly scheduled appointment in a few weeks to get some help. But then we had a huge power outage. Most of my city was without power for several days. I live in a highrise and my power was out for 2 days. The temperature plunged from about 70 to about 45. But, for me, it was a miracle because I didn’t feel any need to use this stuff for those two days and have not used it since. It’s been almost six days now and I’ve been free from it for all that time. May not seem like very long. But for the past month, I have been terrified about this problem. So I am extremely happy now.

        If I ever feel the need to use it again, I will go see my doctor ASAP and I will also buy some non-addictive decongestants. My druggist tells me there are saline-based nasal sprays that are not addictive and I will talk to my doctor about this and get some nasal spray that is non addictive in case I ever get congested again.

  2. romeshome says:

    i never knew about the long term damage that afrin could be addictive,i recently had a urine test that was important to my freedom,and with no drug use,except using the nose spray afrin,i tested positive for amphetamines,could this be the reason?

    • Amber says:

      Most likely the amphetamine showed from an energy drink u drank earlier in the day or wk. the nose spray can cause a false positive for cocaine though

  3. LarryLoeb says:

    So, if I understand what you are saying here; its the vasoconstrictor in Afrin that causes the most problems. That vasoconstrictor is how it works in the first place, correct?

  4. katier72 says:

    Interesting article. My father was addicted to nose spray when I was growing up. He now has to use Flonase (?) to treat his rhinitus.

    I started using Afrin a couple of years ago due to sinus swelling that comes with allergies and colds. I was DEFINITELY using it for more than three days back then.

    Two years ago I switched to a neti pot and saline spray when desperate. Thanks for the eye opening article!

  5. CarrieM says:

    I had no idea of the possible side effects of Afrin. They are quite serious. I used to use Afrin years ago when I worked in offices and the polluted indoor air — outgassing carpets, fragrances, etc — caused me to experience chronic congestion. I gave it up because I don’t like relying on medicines of any kind unless absolutely necessary/emergency. Plus I got out of those toxic environments eventually.

    In retrospect, I am so glad I kicked this habit!

    • Amber says:

      Afrin nose sprays do not help much when u are suffering from allergies. Nasanex is a great one for allergies, and chlorotabs & any other allergy medicines that work for you would b better.

  6. Dr. Sigari is an Otolaryngologist, specializing in conditions of the ENT. His medical office location is

    in Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles CA.

  7. Jan says:

    How does that help us who are not in your area? Would you care to advise us in comments here if you are a Dr?

  8. James Ellenwood says:

    Hey Ken,

    Thanks for taking the time to write about Afrin and the horrible issue’s it can cause. I suffered from the addiction personally and was glued to that bottle for roughly four years, if I remember correctly it started because of allergies. Now I didnt goto an ENT for it and figured trying something else to get my body away from Afrin, or atleast decrease the kickback from it. After a bit of research I ended up trying something called Sinus Blaster, capcicum (sp?) based, burned like hell but after three days my sinuses started working as intended once again.

  9. Stuti says:

    Hello, Ken since I am a therapist, I completely agree with your blog because there are many users who have used Afrin without any reason to use. People start making it as their addiction and soon before they realize they are sniffing all the time. I have dealt with clients and helped them to get over this use with the help of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This information has further furbished my knowledge and thanks for sharing it!

  10. Gary says:

    I took this product only one time & ended up with severe pain in my prostate, & it was very diffacult to urinate. I have an enlarged prostate, & didn`t know about the danger until after I used it. Always read the label before using or buying a product. I am still in pain today. I used it last night. Be warned men!

  11. yellowbird says:

    I’ve only ever used nasal spray a couple times before, but I had no idea of the potential side effects. This is definitely eye-opening; I’ll be sure to think twice next time before turning to a nasal spray right off the bat…

  12. Chris Simpronio says:

    I have protracted damage from the use of benzos and had a horrible reaction to the use of Afrin used in February of this year. Can you tell me what brain damage there is from the use of Afrin? My research only turned up a temporary enlargement of brain ventricles, I believe. I am still struggling to recover but have seem some good progress. Also could you refer me to the documentation of lasting CNS damage? Thank you.

  13. Michele King says:

    I use nasonex daily for sinus issues. While I’ve tested negative for allergies, I find that when weed pollen counts are high, I am miserable. I’ve been using Afrin once a day, every other day or two for a week and a half and it helps almost immediately. I am wondering if this fits the overuse category.

  14. addictedtoafrin says:

    Does any of you long term users of afrin experience anxiety attacks/issues?

    • Ken Savage says:

      Yes in some form or another people do feel that trapped/choking/can’t breathe right feeling. That’s when I reached for the spray myself. You got to convince yourself that breathing is still possible through your mouth and you’ll be fine. Seek out medical attention to get yourself on some steroid spray or whatever is prescribed.

    • jeromy says:

      Yes. I Noe have serious epi pen allergies along with anxiety and decided to see a specialist. Everything is setting me off even environmental stuff I have serious reactions too. I have been using afrin for 4 years or longer and now I am trying to discontinue the use of it to see if my serious onset of allergies get better. Thanks for the info

  15. says:

    Very nice article. I absolutely appreciate this website.
    Continue the good work!

  16. Amber says:

    I’m a user of nasal spray have been for years. I knew it had some consequences never knew how bad though. For me the benefits out weigh the consequences right now. I was suffering 3 or more sinus infections a yr, & because of the sinus infections I would almost immediately get a sore throat & or throat infections & ear infections… With that came an upper respiratory infection or bronchitis several times a yr for 5 or 6 years, until I started the afrin type nose sprays I could not sleep most nights (even when not sick) with out waking from coughing & choking. I had to sleep sitting up just to help sleep through the night & I slept w cough drops in my mouth just to make it through the night. Since afrin type nose sprays I haven’t had bronchitis 1 time have not had a throat infection or a single eat infection & I have had only one sinus infection & 1 case of strep throat in the 3 plus years I’ve been using the spray. I sleep through the night w out the fear of choking I now sleep laying down. So yes I know it’s bad but it’s the only thing that helps with more than it hurts. I can still smell & taste, yes my bp went up but it needed to I was a low bp patient before hand. So until something else comes along I don’t know what else to do. I have started to mix the nasal spray w water to dilute it, it still works & I use the same amount not more.

    • TERRENCE says:

      Wow, I never thought about dilution with water, I think i’ll try it to help ween myself off of this stuff, I’ve spent to much money on this product that can eventually do harm to my body. It’s just no worth it. Thank!

    • TERRENCE says:

      Wow, I never thought about dilution with water, I think i’ll try it to help ween myself off of this stuff, I’ve spent to much money on this product that can eventually do harm to my body. It’s just no worth it. Thanks!

  17. Greg says:

    Can diarrhea be one of the side effects of Afrin? I did not see it in listed, but I believe that I have experienced that unfortunate effect. I was just wondering if others had a similar reaction.

  18. Tina says:

    I never really use nose sprays (and primarily use homeopathic remedies), but remember as a kid I used Dristan once in a while since my dad did. I had a stuffy nose and my husband said Afrin would work well. It definitely worked (although not sure if the funny nose was better than a stuffy one), but I noticed some tightness in my chest. I never would have associated it with the Afrin but then read it is a side effect for a small percentage. I don’t have any medical conditions, but after what I felt I would discourage anyone with a heart or any other vascular condition using this.

  19. Angela app says:

    Hi ken, I’m 23 now and have been using afrin and related products since I was about 7/8 I have tried many times to stop but can’t.. It has now come the time where my nose bleeds a lot and is severely dry to the point where it feels I’ve been punched.. People really think it’s easy to just give up but honestly I’ve had the hardest time Doing it solely for the fact I can’t sleep or do anything while congested :( is there anything I could do to wean myself off? I’ve tried Vicks and a saline spray and even the netti pot… I’m sure the damage in my nose is well beyond fixing I’m just afraid to go to the dr to hear him say it :(

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  21. smelt says:

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  22. Was feeling great after sinuplasty. then went in for an after surgery exam. They drowned my nose in Afrin. They sprayed me so much it was running down my throat and my throat started burning really bad. The next morning I felt worse they the day of the surgery. I was back in bed. Was like that for 3 days. Then for 2 days after that I sneezed continually. Today I have congestion at the back in my throat area and scratchy throat. Had another check today. Wouldn’t let them spray me with Afrin so he left everything alone. Now I am noticing my ears are really buzzing. Hope all this goes away.

  23. Stacey says:

    Be very careful if you have rebound congestion that coincides with any illness that affects your throat like strep, tonsillitis, or croup. I got addicted to it over the past month after having a bout with the flu. I woke up this morning with a very swollen sore throat. Took a snort of Afrin before going to work. Around 12 noon, I got hit with horrible rebound congestion. My nose was completely, 100% stopped up. I could barely breathe through my mouth due to the sore throat. Almost had to call an ambulance. I took another dose of the Afrin & improved a little. Got hit with it again on the way home & almost passed out while driving. Thank goodness I didn’t wreck my car! Ended up in the ER and received steroid shots, antibiotics, and breathing treatments to shrink the swelling in my throat. Got a prescription for steroids to start tomorrow along with steroid nose spray. ER doc said to throw the Afrin away immediately! The stuff is downright evil if used for the long term and you could find yourself in a medical emergency under the right conditions. I learned my lesson!!!

  24. lzeigler says:

    I was an Afrin addict for years. I have not used Afrin for a year now. I use Nasanex instead. I ended up in the emergency room after using Afrin for several years. Dumb me. I was almost dead. Dizzy, nervous, couldn’t eat and hallucinating. It took me months to become well. I worry I have brain damage. I went cold turkey and glad I did.

    • Chris Simpronio says:

      How are you now? How long did it take you to recover from the Afrin? Have you had any residual effects? I am still struggling to regain brain function but my history is very complicated and includes benzo damage

  25. Christina says:

    I have been using Afrin or generic Afrin for years and I am paying for it now. I am pregnant with my second child and have nasal congestion from that plus the rebound congestion from the nose spray. I get severe nose bleeds on one side and ended up in the ER due to complete blockage in my nasal passages and feeling like I couldn’t breathe through my mouth. I have allergies that I have not gotten the shots for though I should. I need a new ENT and am working on getting a new primary and ENT. It is nice to know I am not alone in this. I would give anything to not use the nose spray any more. Thank you for the info Ken, greatly appreciated!!

  26. Kosta says:

    I started using an extra moisturizing Afrin before I had nasal polyp surgery. The polyps have not returned to this day, but since the surgery I have been using this Afrin about two times a day. My sinuses clog up a couple of times a day all year round and I use it right before I go to bed because I use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. Since this machine goes over my nose, I need to be able to breathe through my nose. Is there anything else that I can use to get myself off of Afrin? I got a prescription for something called Avamys (fluticasone furoate) but that never worked for me.

  27. Nancy says:

    Hi, I have been having a lot of skipped heartbeats for the past 3 days now. Very uncomfortable and are wondering whether using Afrin and Sudifed could be causing this. I use the no drip. I have been going through a bottle a week. My son is a paramedic and told me Afrin over usage has been linked to serious side effects. I guess I was in denial. I decided last night to cold turkey. See if this helps

  28. Ed says:

    Could Tinnitus be related as an Afrin side effect?

  29. Mark J says:

    I used afrin on and off for years for seasonal night time congestion and it worked great, but after a serious cold found myself addicted with some serious rebound. I could not breath through my nose at all – it was very scarey. I could not just stop as my primary doctor recommended so I searched the internet and found the Rhinostat system. This gradually adds saline to the afrin over several weeks and weans you off it. It’s not the easiest but it worked and for me was better then cold turkey or all the steroids my ENT wanted me to try.

  30. Lauren says:

    I have been using afrin for almost 4 months ago and have gotten very sick twice since the use of it. The first time I was sick, I was prescribed amoxicillin and cleared right up but I went back to the afrin and I don’t remember why. Yesterday, I finally said enough was enough because I got sick and tired of going to buy a new bottle of spray every other day. I use to use this stuff every 9-8 hours but now I was using it every 4-6, plus my left nostril was always bloody and it scared me. As I saw the doctor I told him I was using afrin and he was in complete shock and he told me that people are trying to ban it from use…I agree! He prescribed me a 3 day 20mg prednisone steroid and it is starting to take it’s affect. Obviously, I am up right now because I having some sleep issues but I have been off afrin for 22 hours now and I couldn’t be happy. My left nose isn’t bleeding anymore and I am using saline solution to help keep it clean and moisturized so it doesn’t happen again. I am also using a humidifier and nose strips. Basically one side of my nose is clogged up when I sleep so therefore I can actually sleep a bit but when I get up for the day and move around, it’s a lot more clear and I am actually noticing that I can smell a lot better! I never knew that I would take for granted the use of smelling and I’m happy to get it back! I am hoping that by the weekend things will get better but so far so good! Needless to say, if u are taking afrin..throw that shit out, I did and it was the best decision of my life! Hope it works for u guys.

  31. Lauren says:

    27 hours off afrin and day two of the steroids….I am actually breathing and noticing a BIG change!! I will NEVER EVER use afrin again! Trust me, the prednisone is the way to go!

  32. Abraham says:

    When I use Flonase I am better able to have a better conversation with people. I am more calm. Any idea why this might be? Afrin makes me really tired and sleepy.

  33. Wilson Kerr says:

    I am a healthy 45 year old man and used Afrin 2-3 times for 2 days about 3 months ago for a bad cold. I was very stuffed up, so had to inhale hard to get it to work. It did, but, the next day, I noticed I could not smell or taste! I discontinued using it and did NOT over-use it when I was. 3 months later my taste and smell comes in and out and there are days when I can taste nothing. AT best it is at 50%, when I can taste. I can sense sweet and tart and hot and cold, but little to no actual taste. It is horrible. I STRONGLY CAUTION ANYONE FROM USING THIS PRODUCT. I welcome any advice and hope my situation improves. This is a very nerve wracking thing and I do not wish it on anyone. Thanks.

  34. jennie mitchell says:

    I’m reacting to Arin I was told to use for a couple of days after sinus surgery. It has caused rapid hear rate (88 to 116) for the past 13 days (I’m usually 67 at rest, the lowest it’s been is 80 at rest). I’m also dealing with low blood pressure 85/55 I’m usually 116/76.

    I have a known issue with Sudafed (original formula) causing the same problems since I was a teenager in the 80′s. I told the doctor my allergies and he never mentioned that Afrin might cause the same reaction.

    I’ve been to my regular dr and also to the ENT. Neither doctor has given me anything and both have taken the “wait it out” position. How long do I “wait it out”? Who could I go see to get some help with this?

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  38. Connie F says:

    Well…I’ve used Afrin for 37 years and have been addicted to it on and off. Mostly on. For the past 7-8 years I’ve developed eye problems that I can’t attribute to anything else and this morning when I used Afrin the blood vessels in my eyes got bigger and real red. I look like I’m stoned! I’ve been to an Optomyterist (sorry for the spelling, I’m running late), who said I had extremely dry eyes. Regular eye drops do not help. Have you ever heard of this being associated with Afrin or are there any other folks out there who have the same problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and yes, I’m getting off Afrin! Thank you for the info! Connie

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  40. Rubi says:

    I’ve been using afrin for about 3 years. And ever since I’ve had a rash that won’t go away. I’ve also had hives and problem breathing. I do not know what is causing this. My doctor says it is something I’m eating or my clothes but I’ve changed everything and nothing helps. Can afrin cause this? If somebody has the same problem any advise will help. I’ve just sopped using it. Hoping it will go away. Oh and my rash and hives happen in the lower part of my body.

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  43. Bill says:

    I’very been off of afrin for 4 days now, after using it ( 15 bottles per month ) for over a year. After these four days I feel no better. Can’t move any air through my nose. I am bound to stick it out. How many days or weeks til I can breath again?. Or will it ever get better?

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  45. Lucia says:

    My husband is young and strong, but he has allergies and has been using Afrin for aprox 5 years , now he is suffering arryhtmia , this must be the cause, tomorrow we are going to visit urgencies :(

  46. Wolfgang says:

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  47. Krystal Walters says:

    I have been using afrin for a month or more straight everyday and I am now experiencing the rebound constriction. My nose is 100 percent blocked and I do not know what to do to help, I want to so badly use the spray again but I know I cannot! What do I do?! My ears feel like they are going to pop. Please, what ever advise would be great!

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  1. […] My team, our coaches, Hedley and Rolfe were aware of this and made an exception for me to carry my Afrin hidden in my sock out in the […]

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