How to Find a Local ENT Doctor to Cure Your Nose Spray Addiction

Local ENT DrRhinitis refers to the irritation and inflammation of the mucosal lining in the nose. Certain foods also cause allergy leading to severe nose irritation, sneezing, running of the nose and nasal obstruction. There is itching of the nose, ears, eyes and throat, wheezing, and many also experience migraine headaches. Some of the most common allergens that trigger allergic reactions are molds, human hair, pollens, dried insect parts, house dust, etc. Perfumes, body sprays, fuel, automobile exhaust, paints and fumes aggravate the allergy.

Sensitive mucous membranes become allergic to dust and various other pollutants. The ventilation to the sinuses gets cut off, and the secretions and mucous are collected in the sinus. The fluid that gets stagnated in the sinus becomes pus due to the invasion of various bacteria and viruses.

While in the initial stage, the person suffering from rhinitis will have normal nasal abnormalities, over a period of time, repeated allergic attacks can bring about certain irreversible changes. There is severe continuous nasal blocking and extreme difficulty to breathe through the nose even when awake. There is constant cold and even fever, loss of sense of smell and taste and the person also sufferers from dry mouth. If left untreated or improperly treated there can be accumulation of phlegm in the chest leading to bronchial spasm and asthma.

Millions around the world suffer from rhinitis, and in these days of increasing air pollution, the number keeps increasing. People resort to home remedies, but often, due to the high levels of air pollution and hectic lifestyle, these are not very effective. There are numerous nasal products that are effective in giving immediate relief from nasal congestion. These are easily available over the counter and come in the form of balms, sprays and tablets. However, it is important to consult a local ears, nose, throat doctor before you use any decongestion medication.

Afrin is one of the most popular nasal decongestant sprays that can be got over the counter without a prescription. When the spray is inhaled it constricts the blood vessels in the nasal tissue. This leads to the draining of the mucous from the nasal passage. Repeated use completely drains and clears the passage enabling the person to breathe easily through his nose.

Although it is a highly effective form of treatment, gives instant relief and helps individuals carry on their day-to-day work with ease, it is advisable to get the opinion of a local ears nose throat doctor before beginning to use it. It is even more important to consult the local ENT Doctor if the person using it is pregnant, suffers from a heart disease, is diabetic, suffers from high blood pressure, has kidney ailments, liver disease or glaucoma.

The side effects of these nasal sprays are varied and differs from person to person. The side effects depends on the severity of the allergy, the amount of use, the medical condition of the person, the medications he is taking and his body type. Some of the short term effects include nasal irritations, burning sensation of the nasal tract, sneezing and runny nose. These side effects normally disappear after the discontinuation of the nasal sprays.

The serious long term side effects are increased blood pressure, seizures, increased heart beat, nausea, and headache. Long term use can also cause lasting medical conditions like heart damage, and damage to the nervous system and brain.

A few people can also be allergic to the nasal sprays. A few allergic reactions are breathing difficult, rashes and swelling in the tongue, lips, throat and face, and hives. If these severe allergic reactions are not treated properly in time, it can cause severe damage to the body. It can also cause death.

It is therefore very important to get the advice of a local ENT Doctor before beginning to use the nasal sprays and tablets. The local ears nose throat doctor will perform allergy tests to determine the reason for rhinitis and prescribe treatment accordingly. The tests also help know the allergens that cause these severe reactions and the patient can try to avoid the allergy cause foods and take precautions.

Getting the help of a good local ears nose throat doctor is important to get proper medication and to be properly treated. While family and friends can tell about a local ENT Doctor if you are new to the place then the best way to choose one is with the help of online search engines and online directories. The sites provide the links to the website of the local ears nose throat doctor or give you the contact details. Online reviews and testimonials in relevant sites and forums also help know the best local ENT Doctor in your locality to get treated for rhinitis and reduce the dependency on Afrin and other nasal decongestant products.

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